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I’ve moved!

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Where next?

The powers that be have decided that this blog needs to shift to another web address. No major changes in content, just from now on all new posts to this blog will be found at www.acunningplan.com. If you’ve got my blog bookmarked, I hope you’ll update the address. (The easiest way is probably to click on the new address then put your email address in the ‘subscribe’ form on the right hand side of the screen, under the Twitter feed. I promise it will only be used to notify you of new blogposts here.)

As with all moves, things might be a bit topsy-turvy for a while. Please bear with me while I go over the links making sure everything still works, and do let me know if there are glitches by emailing me at harry at acunningplan dot com, or messaging me in Twitter @harryfiddler or carrier pigeon or whatever.

Best wishes


Author: harryfiddler

Harriet Cunningham – aka @harryfiddler — is a freelance writer based in Sydney. Harriet wrote her first novel, about a runaway cat, at the age of 7. In the forty year gap between novel 1 and novel 2 she moved from London to Edinburgh to Sydney, ran an opera company, played violin on the opera house stage and sailed from Gove to Darwin. She is now a music critic and writer, best known as the critic who got banned by Opera Australia. She still hangs out at the Sydney Opera House, is still trying to get that novel published, and still plays the violin.

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