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Women conductors: the story continues


More names of successful Australian conductors we should know about.





And while I mentioned them in my post script, let’s put them up in lights here: Lyn Williams, Nicolette Fraillon, Simone Young are leaders, role models and incredible musicians. (And also women, but that’s by the by.)

Keep those names coming.

Author: harryfiddler

Harriet Cunningham – aka @harryfiddler — is a freelance writer based in Sydney. Harriet wrote her first novel, about a runaway cat, at the age of 7. In the forty year gap between novel 1 and novel 2 she moved from London to Edinburgh to Sydney, ran an opera company, played violin on the opera house stage and sailed from Gove to Darwin. She is now a music critic and writer, best known as the critic who got banned by Opera Australia. She still hangs out at the Sydney Opera House, is still trying to get that novel published, and still plays the violin.

3 thoughts on “Women conductors: the story continues

  1. Belatedly, came across this today.

    • Really interesting. Reminds me of one musician’s answer when I was interviewing people about how to succeed in the music business. His advice: “Be good.”

      Personally, I’m OK with the young balding American conductor as long as he’s good.

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