Dear publicist / arts marketing department

Thank you for your very informative media kit. I know you spent a long time preparing it. However, I already feel bad about the number of trees that are sacrificed in the name of print media. I don’t want to feel bad about your media kit as well. Therefore:

1. Please feel free to email me a .pdf of the media kit. I like an electronic kit because I can do a text search, and it doesn’t clog up my mail box or my recycling bin or give my postie a hernia. If I want to read it cover to cover I will print it out myself.

2. If you do feel a pressing need to send me a hard copy please feel free to print on both sides of the paper.  I’d also feel much less guilty if you used recycled paper.

3.  If your organisation is printing brochures, can I still have one of those please? I use them as a year round reference.

If you are already doing this – and thumbs up to Opera Queensland and tjc who are amongst those who are – many thanks.

One thought on “Dear publicist / arts marketing department

  1. Ken Nielsen says:

    Yeah but, how many electrons died to produce your post?

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